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Sunrise Beach Airfield

Sunrise Beach, TX 78643


Green Eagle PPG 

The Green Eagle concept started 5 years ago when we first researched a company out of the UK that was developing a 4 stroke Back Pack Powered Paraglider a (PPG).

    We wanted an engine that used a gallon an hour or less, produced more than 220lbs of thrust with a 60" or smaller prop. We needed a quiet engine with low vibrations, low RPMs, lots of power, long running time - all on a sesame seed bun.  Well all but the Sesame seed bun part.  

    We chose a generator engine as they are built to run at full speed for thousands of hours.  Our base engine before modifications was designed to run 3000 hours at 3700 RPMs.  That is before we made radical changes to the engine and introduced propane as a fuel source in addition to our standard 4-stroke engine.  Read More

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Paratour - Eric DuFour

Located in Christmas, FL - 1 hour outside Orlando
email: info@paratour.com
phone: (352)461-6723

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Powered Paragliding New Brunswick - Canada

contact: Frank Savignac
email: frank@poweredparaglidingnewbrunswick.com

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