Green Eagle Powered Paraglider– Made in the USA-Veteran Owned

WHY Green Eagle?

The Green Eagle powered paraglider is the state of the art craft designed in 2007 to help train paraglider pilots that could not handle back pack ppgs or damaged their craft while in training.

The First Green Eagles were training aids and tandem units built stronger than available gear to handle the tough demands of new pilots.  After people started buying them and trading their gear for them we decided to expand and improve the product.

We were the first to incorporate four stroke V twin technology and propane as a discounted way of getting instant throttle response and to fly at high altitudes before fuel injection was affordable or avaliable.

Since then a lot has happened to see your current Green Eagles of 2018.  We bring you the only PPG of its size and power that breaks down for easy transport.   We give you the first fuel injected V twin since 2009 now a full closed loop EFI FIT 49 capable of running E85 or Av gas your choice. Our engine incorporates smart run technology to keep students and pilots from over revving their engines if the prop were broken, not mounted, or mounted wrong.

All of this for under $11,700 making Green Eagle the most fuel efficient, advance Personal aircraft powered paraglider in the industry in its price range.

We challenge you to find any competitive aircraft made to the same standards and pricing as your new Green Eagle. We keep our prices down, because all Green Eagles are built to order. Only 30 Percent of all Green Eagles are green in color so making them truly yours your way is another first in our range. Our facility has on site powder coating for customization of any color.

You can get a Green Eagle for a price in many cases below the competition who employee low cost construction focusing on profit verses safety or longevity by using cheap construction materials. Green Eagle has does not employee cheap building practices. NO welded cheap home store metals are used on our craft. Be assured your new Green Eagle is the top of the line personal aircraft. Each Green Eagle frame is a bolted together component airframe with Aircraft bolts and aircraft T6 aluminum. Over $900.00 dollars in bolts and hardware alone are used in each Green Eagle. Our main supports and re-drive are all CNC cut T6 solid billet aluminum instead of cheap castings. Only the best drawn over mandrel seamless aircraft aluminum is used for our Green Eagle along with the best warranties in the world.

If you break or damage a part it can be easily replaced and a new one bolted on so no more ordering large sections, welded, expensive parts to make a repair.

People are flying Green Eagles from Dubai, to Mongolia, and all over the USA. Made in the USA means something to even the far reaches of our planet when pilots depend on the Green Eagle to run day in and day out.   Our Frames are designed to be PPC and PPG capable making the Green Eagle the only dual purpose aircraft of its kind.

Our engine technology is not the normal two stroke High RPM, High Heat, High fuel use, which all our competition uses.

We use Low RPM High torque much like a real aircraft such as Cessna’s running for years without issue. We focused on utilizing torque and low RMPS verses some small engine running 8,000 RPMs to develop the power we do at 3,000 RPMs.

What you get standard with your Eagle

  • FAR103 – 232 lbs PPG weight , single place, 5 gallon fuel tanks , no license required
  • FIT 49 EFI (Fuel Injected Twin)   EFI Option $1,500.00
  • Trike or Quad Configuration available same price
  • Gasoline four-stroke engine dual high energy ignition. Air cooled, oil cooled burning 1.5 down to 1 gallon per hour, Hence the name Green Eagle.
  • Green Eagle take down 4 blades Talon Prop or wooden stealth prop producing 230+lbs Static Thrust. (Upgrade props for up to 60lbs more thrust)
  • 4 point racing safety harness and racing seats standard
  • 7 foot wheel span quick disconnect axles.
  • Adjustable frames for any size pilot.
  • 3000 hour TBOs at desighn specs to run engine at 3700 RPMs.
  • 5 gallon Gas tank / 14 liter tank (UK)
  • Standard wiring harness with key switch and Tiny Tachometer
  • Charging system for running heated suits in cold weather.
  • Injection molded black rims, tire tube and high energy bearings
  • Optional adjustable seating   $125.00
  • Optional colors any color you want    No charge
  • Optional Quad at no extra charge
  • Optional frame kit to change to PPC powered Parachute $1,700.00
  • Full Package deals with Glider as low as  $12,700 non EFI
  • Ask about housing on site while training
  • Training as low as $1200.00, ask about specials
  • Free Radio Harness
  • Free Stuff sack.

NEW! Disc brakes now standard on all trike Eagles

Build it, Buy it, Fly it!